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A curated Kutch experience with Maati – December 17-21, 2018

Full Package Price: Rs. 32000/- (excluding travel from your origin city to Bhuj) 

Please find attached the brochure for booking your seats with us as we have limited seats per group. 


Maati takes you through the lanes of Kutch, exploring crafts, weaves and prints and evoking an experience of a lifetime.

Come, travel with us and discover the essence of the traditional crafts & weaves, along-with our national award-winning artisan, Abdul Rauf Khatri  & Team Maati.

Immerse yourself into a guided 5-day earthy tour in the gallis of Kutch – delve deep into the exquisite Ajrakh process, explore Kala Cotton Weaving, Bandhani, Leather Punching, Copper Bell, Rogaan Painting and Hand Embroidery. Stay in a rustic craft campus and enjoy homely meals under starry skies.

Partake of the fabled Kutchi hospitality with memorable conversations with artisans, wander along the white desert & enjoy the folklore.

Inspiration guaranteed! Open mind mandatory. 

We got it all covered!
Team Maati.

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