crafts hold a deep significance in our lives. as we travel across india and engage in its immense diversity of language, food, art and music, it is evident that traditional crafts form an integral fabric of our culture. existing across centuries and evolving with changing times, these crafts portray stories and myths, describe our beliefs and legends and depict our lives and times. In many ways, these crafts provide a vital link to our history and art!

as we witness extreme commercialization of practically everything around us, many of these crafts and their creators remain hidden, silently waiting their turn behind the flashier alternatives flooding our spaces. most of them are slowly vanishing unable to compete with this onslaught of factory-made alternatives.

maati was born out of the belief that there’s a need to take a pause and put art and passion back into indian clothing. 

we bring together unique, hand-crafted pieces and weave them into the urban sensitivities to bridge the gap between traditional crafts and their modern-day use to allow a fair marketplace for the artists and creators.

we promise you authentic, indigenous, indian crafts – that are truly unique. never before or never again, will you find a piece of apparel or accessory exactly like it (even if we tried)!

maati is an organization that celebrates the culture and traditions of india to produce indigenous, one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories with a commitment to the artisan community and the environment. our raw material is sourced from across india (including some of the most rural parts of india) where the age-old traditions are still prevalent. we travel extensively (sometimes with translators) to locate, identify and source traditional handmade crafts from across india. our team is continuously researching such sources and exploring possibilities of creating unique designs that suits the urban taste. we test several prototypes before bringing forth our products to you.

we hope you cherish the unique handmade, hand-crafted piece of art – we have made it with love, sincerity and a hope that we’re able to put passion back into clothing.

maati – handmade in india. hand delivered to you.