kantha saree - maheshwari silken red & mustard gold


maati brings a curated collection of exquisite kantha hand-embroidered sarees!

"kantha" is an intricate embroidery technique practised in West Bengal, in which close running stitches, filled inside the design, are run in different coloured threads. 

each of saree in this collection is an original masterpiece using vibrant colors and textiles interwoven with motifs of flowers, peacocks and elements of nature.

presenting here: a celebratory saree with rich hues of reds, teal and mustard gold. 

fabric: maheshwari silk

length of the saree: 5 meters

blouse: 0.7 meters

handmade in india. hand-delivered to you.

wash care.

all our clothes require love & care.

dryclean only.

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